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"Uncanny. Like viewing the world through smoked glass." -- Chilton Williamson Jr., author of Mexico Way

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Five Blood Boiling Facts About Taxes You Did Not Know

But first from the “How-Unbelievably-Stupid-Is-Harry-Reid?” files: 5. Among the bureaucrats who want to raise your taxes, only 5 percent think their own taxes are too low. This poll conducted by Gallup shows that “57 percent of Republicans responded that their own taxes were too high. Fifty-eight percent of Independents agreed, while only 37 percent of […]

April Fool

Have you ever wondered how to run a proper propaganda campaign? Then don’t follow the example of the Obama administration, who, for six solid months, told us repeatedly that they didn’t have any good idea how many people had actually enrolled and paid for an ObamaCare exchange policy — or how many of these same […]

All the Pretty Horse Heads (Revisited)

It’s a novel about which I’m frankly conflicted. There are, however, a number of beautiful passages — the ending, which I’ve recorded below, being I think one of them:

How Minimum Wage Laws Fly in the Face of the Irrefutable Law of Supply-And-Demand

A few weeks ago, I posted an article entitled Eleven Facts About the Minimum Wage Barack Obama Forgot to Mention, which I found on a website called The Federalist, and which was written by a man named Sean Davis, about whom I know next to nothing. I liked his article, however, and I was surprised […]

Paul Krugman: Finally Wrong About Something?

In June of 2012, left-wing economist and former Enron advisor Paul Krugman — who calls himself (and I quote) “Krugtron the Invincible” — wrote the following in his New York Times blog: “I (and those of like mind) have been right about everything.” Well, unfortunately, his streak of infallibility has just come to an end. […]

Ron Paul Is Supporting Putin’s Illegal Occupation of Crimea?

“In the Crimea crisis, it seems Ron Paul thinks that libertarianism stops at water’s edge,” writes James Kirchick at The Daily Beast. He continues: “Paul bases his support of the Crimean referendum on libertarian grounds, as if what’s happening half a world away under the watchful eyes of the Russian military is akin to a […]

Don’t Believe In Free-Market Medicine? Have You Ever Seen the Inside of a Venezuelan Supermarket?

It was in early autumn of 1989 that the drunkard Boris Yeltsin, soon-to-be president of the Soviet Union, visited, for the first time in his life, a supermarket in Houston, Texas. Not long afterward, in his autobiography Against the Grain, Yeltsin wrote about this watershed moment: “When I saw those shelves crammed with hundreds, thousands […]

Greatest Living American Poet?

Richard Purdy Wilbur — American poet and literary translator, second Poet Laureate of the United States and Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress (1987), two-time recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (1957 and again in 1989), New York City native who published his first poem when he was only eight-years-old — was […]

Putting the Cock Back in Cocktail (Part 7): The Blue Blazer

11 Facts About the Minimum Wage Barack Obama Forgot to Mention

The following, which I thought was exceptionally insightful, was written by Sean Davis, over at The Federalist: 1) Only 1 Percent Of The U.S. Labor Force Earns The Minimum Wage Despite the hoopla surrounding the issue, only a tiny percentage of American workers actually earn the federal hourly minimum wage: 1 percent, to be exact. […]

Seven Facts About Christmas You Did Not Know

Although not particularly religious — unless, of course, by “religious” you mean one who religiously likes fast cars and fast women — I nonetheless enjoy Christmastime, and the reason for this is that Christmastime represents something more fundamental than the Pagan celebration of Saturnalia and the solstice, or the Christian celebration of Christ’s birth, or […]

A Bartender Responds to Barack Obama’s “If-You’re-a-Bartender” Comment

A Post Thanksgiving “You’re Welcome” from the Sexy Pilgrim

This is a follow up to my controversial Thanksgiving post. You’ve got to see it to believe it:

Bleach-Haired Honkey Bitch

I am, as many of you know, a writer by day and a bartender by night — and yet, as many of you may not know, I’m not merely a bartender by night: I’m also a very passionate man. As such, the creative spirit I strive to pour into my literature occasionally spills over into […]

Gothic Fiction: A Halloween Post

The Goths, as recounted by a Gothic historian named Jordanes (mid 6th Century AD), were a Teutonic-Germanic people whose original homeland was, according to this same Jordanes, in southern Sweden. At that time, this half-barbaric band was ruled by a king called Berig. It was King Berig who led his people south to the shores […]


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