Jaw-Dropping Image Of An Enormous ‘Supercell’ Cloud

These amazing photos come from the Daily Mail:

Windswept dust and rain dominate the storm’s centre while rings of jagged clouds surround the edge.

A flimsy tree in the foreground looks like a toy next to the magnificent natural phenomenon.



  • dontmesswith

    December 6, 2010

    Ray, do you know where this photograph was taken? That is an impressive image and must have been quite an amazing thing to witness. Thanks for posting it.

  • Ray

    December 6, 2010

    Hello dontmesswith. It is an incredible photo, isn’t it? I believe it was taken from your mother’s backyard.

    (Just kidding)


  • Redomondo

    December 7, 2010

    Great photo!

    Didn’t I hear something about the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada starting up? in that Socialist Workers Paradise? What gives?

  • Nick

    December 7, 2010

    Sleeper cells in clouds now? Will these terrorists stop at nothing?

  • Jungle Orchid

    December 9, 2010


  • Ray

    December 10, 2010

    That’s a good question, Jungle Orchid. I wondered that myself.

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