The Obama Administration’s Reign of Corruption

Happy Holidays!


  • Dale

    December 10, 2011

    I assert Attorney Criminal Holder is stonewalling to protect Obama and the inner core of the Democrat party, including another major general, Harry “Talk To The Hand” Reid.

    As evidence, please observe not a single Democrat objects to the death of Brian Terry, or is interested in what really happened, who is responsible for running guns to violent Mexican criminals. None care that Holder is lying to Congress – a felony if you’re a baseball player – give wink, nod, and a Mulligan when a carefully crafted and reviewed letter to Congress is loaded with demonstrable lies.

    Should all other felons that lie to Congress also be allowed a Mulligan, or should we proceed with impeachment of Holder for his felony?
    Why bother? The outcome of any trial in Harry “Talk To The Hand” Reid’s Democrat-controlled Senate – if the assholes don’t simply table it – is foregone conclusion: Holder does not have to turn over evidence, that is not contempt, we are moral you are not, therefore Holder is innocent of all charges. What evidence?

    Only the tip of the iceberg. I hate to say it, but Beck has been on the money on a lot of this stuff. One and only one thing matters to Democrats: power, control, and absolute power. They will say and do anything, destruction and violence, incitement and sedition. Remember, Katy couldn’t bar the door for two years, and the Democrat conspiracy stole from us and gave to their allies hundreds of billions in dirty business. Their “agents of change” – e.g. union thug bosses – have coffers full of hate and money ready to fuck us for their own selfish gains.

    What a president, the great unifier, a liar, who runs guns to violent criminals, prevents states from protecting their citizens from those violent criminals, gives our tax dollars to His rich cronies.
    He is the source of Democrat morality, according to them, a proven visionary and source of vast wisdom, able to project outcomes from trillion-dollar boondoggles with stunning accuracy.
    When He declares something as the moral basis for discrimination, we should all bow, sing praise, oh thank you Lord Obama and your Heavenly Democrats for helping us understand who should hate and who be hated, who should benefit from discrimination and who should suffer rationalized punishment.

    The Sixteenth Amendment allows government to tax personal income. To tax it, government must know it. Know it, have a variable that can be used to discriminate. This is power given to government over individuals, and is the basis for class warfare, a sick and despicable tactic of incompetent and selfish so-called leaders.
    We should negate this amendment, and force government to obtain revenues from commerce, not individuals.
    Every single Democrat screeching we don’t discriminate enough against “the rich” define that as an income level, which is simply ridiculous.
    Here’s a better definition: if you lost your income today, would you be able to live well the rest your life without working?
    Most if not all those Democrats screeching their hate for successful people and desire to discriminate against them even more could answer that “yes”.
    Most of those so-called rich because they have a high income would answer that “no”.
    On what grounds do Democrats have credibility to identify the proper way to discriminate with the tax code? Why discriminate at all? How about 10% of every dollar, if we must tax income?
    Democrats must keep up the offensive, declare their high and mighty morality, never mind the lying sack of shit Attorney Criminal Holder who has done everything he can to help the violent Mexican gangs harm decent American citizens. Never mind they’re always wrong, just remember what they say, that they are the source of morality and the best agents to carry out government discrimination.

    Yeah, guess I’m sick of these criminals, and anyone pointing at Obama is missing the point: without his party he is nothing. They are complicit in these crimes by inaction if not by direct conspiratorial participation. Running guns was meant to subvert the Second Amendment, folks, as evidenced by the lame Democrat calls to restrict Americans after Holder had armed his Mexican chums.

    I hope we can turn the tide, return to a time of trust and respect, where honest leaders work for the best of all. This is an underpinning of laissez-faire.
    Thanks, Ray, for letting me rant here. Now I’ll try to have those “Happy Holidays”.
    I wish you and your readers all the best in this holiday season.

  • redmond

    December 14, 2011

    when the F is congress going to get some balls and do something about this mess!

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