Cult-Leader Barack Obama Transfixes His Followers Once Again By Reading Off The Teleprompter

May 6th, 2012 — 2:31pm

If you’re an Obama supporter 2012, it looks as if you’re in good company once again:

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6 Responses to “Cult-Leader Barack Obama Transfixes His Followers Once Again By Reading Off The Teleprompter

  1. Maura

    A bit like Zombie Apocalypse!

  2. Dale

    The faces of stupid.
    Check out Corsi’s book on the usurper, who is most clearly not a natural born citizen, and has a fraudulent SSN.
    O-ba-ma O-ba-ma

  3. Nick


  4. Ray


  5. Nick

    Most definitely.

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    [...] political leaders that lying, corruption, deceit, and the use of force are not only overlooked but looked upon with a kind of reverence, awe, and [...]

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