Hobby Lobby Opponents: Intellectually Stunning

For anyone who, like me, believes an employer should not be forced to pay for his or her employee’s abortifacient, see what you’re up against (i.e. not much):

But you already knew that.


  • Scott

    July 3, 2014

    Wow. Looks by the shadows it didn’t take that long to get the footage they needed.

    More walking indictments of our public education system … and I wouldn’t be surprised if more than one of the interviewees are/were teachers within it. Summers off! Core knowledge? That isn’t working, at least the kind they mean. How about trying core thinking?

    What a fun editing job at the Daily Signal that must have been.
    Jesus Christ, “I’m sorry. I’m 15 and have not read up on the literature.”
    So are we.
    And what he says after that needed the phrase “such as” and a sash across his chest.
    The guy they ran before him was at least succinct in his honesty. Most others were the opposite.

    You’d think if one took the time to haul ass up the Hill, at least an equivalent amount would have been taken to first read up on the facts of the case before the Court, within any media of any slant. But that would only dampen their emotion, and they apparently would have none of that.

    Just these two articles from the left of center would have been helpful in not having been outed as a village idiot:



    It is kind of creepy and perhaps hypocritical, though, that HobLob has no problem with the pill, which is reported above to be just a milder dose of the same drug in Plan B. Perhaps is it all in the timing. Many fundies tend to loathe abortions (who doesn’t?) as much as they support the death penalty. As stated before, where would Christianity be if Jesus had only done 10 to 15 years with time off for good behavior?

    Thanks, Ray!

  • Ray

    July 3, 2014

    Yes. Well, of course the real question is, how did it ever come to this?

    There actually is an answer to that question, which the Doctor describes here.

    Thank you for your comment, and thank you for dropping by.

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