Whiskey Wisdom: Five Things Strong-Minded People Never Do (Even When They’re Drunk On Whiskey)



Strong-minded people don’t necessarily avoid whiskey.

They just know how to handle it.

Like intelligence, this is an acquired skill.

Scope out these characteristics of the suave, the sophisticated, and the strong-minded:

1. They never lose sight of their living potential

Do you still possess, as you did when you were a child, that sense of colossal expectation: an unshakable belief that your life is important and that great things await you?

Do you still see for yourself, no matter your age, a bright and dazzling future?

If not, why not?

Where did it go?

As your bartender, I can tell you this:

No living thing begins by giving up.

And in the blossom of life, all humans see for themselves a big and brilliant and sparkling future. All, in the beginning, possess the belief that their existence matters.

Though, it is true, only the rarefied few hold onto it for a lifetime — most selling out or succumbing to bad habits or dogma (whether religious or political, they’re all ultimately the same) — it is, I say to you, that colossal sense of expectation for life’s potential above all that you must never relinquish.

2. They never aim too low

Strong-minded people, even when they’re whiskey-drunk, never doubt what they’re capable of: on the contrary, they aim beyond what they’re capable of, because they have a near-total disregard for where their abilities end.

They know that greatness is not some rare DNA strand.

They know that talent is willed, and that there is no real limit to human achievement.

3. They never mind being alone — even for long periods of time

They’re self-contained.

They know that there’s dignity in loneliness, as there’s dignity in thought, and ultimately for the same reasons.

4. They never deify self-sacrifice

They know that the development of the race depends upon the development of the individual, and that it takes a thoroughly selfish age to deify self-sacrifice.

They know that where the self-development of each person has ceased to be the ideal, the intellectual standard hits rock bottom, and it’s then only a matter of time before it’s all completely lost.

5. They never act like a douche

They’re far too cool for that.

As your bartender, I can tell you this one is incontrovertibly true.





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