“Get Out You White Little Fucker!” Portland AntiFa Fights “Fascism” With Fascism, Mindlessness, Violence, And The Independent Mind Of The Herd

This should do a lot for Portland’s tourism industry, which the state of Oregon has sought to cultivate because tourism is good and healthy for economies, which, however, the Party of Science ultimately knows next to nothing about.

(“We are the 99 percent.”)

Yes, I’m afraid the evidence is overwhelming: the religion of the Left continues its inexorable descent deeper down into its 21st-century Progressive inquisition.

Here’s a pretty good article about it from the Wall Street Journal: Anarchy Breaks Out In Portland, With Mayor’s Blessing.

Local media in Portland must be working hand-in-hand with the police to make sure (quasi)-anarchists and Antifa members [an Occupy offshoot] are allowed to block streets in protest of whatever they’re protesting that day.

The following are two camera-angles of the same incident — both of which clearly disclose an unhinged and mindless mob, who think that “public property” is theirs and theirs alone:

The backlash has been swift and entirely accurate:

That’s just a small sample.

Reader, I want you to know this — and I’m not exaggerating:

If you side with the left these days, you’re siding with something not only horribly wrong but dangerous, something every bit as mad as the right — and probably even more so.

Unquestionably in my own personal experience, the left is far more closed-off, more cocooned and deaf to rational argument and discourse than anything I’ve personally encountered on the right these past several years — and I’ve encountered plenty on the right, as well.

What you’re seeing in those videos above and in so many other places on the left is “the independent mind of the herd,” as the philosopher and critic Harold Rosenberg so aptly put it, writ large: a mind chronically susceptible to the principle behind the cultic (in every area) and the party-line.

Thus, you wind up with this sort of terrifying spectacle:

The following is from just a few days ago (October 10, 2018), when Eric (“Fast-and-Furious”) Holder, former Attorney General of the United States, who knowingly sold weapons to Mexican drug cartels, which killed Americans. Watch him lose his cool and then back-pedal, unconvincingly:

Here’s Bernie and Hillary on the same basic issue:

(Justice, remember, is an absolute. It takes no qualifier, and any attempt to qualify it creates injustice.)

So, then, if I understand her correctly: the party that wants to destroy what I stand for — i.e. the party that believes in the ideology responsible for the murdering and wrongful imprisonment of more innocent people than any other ideology in world history — cannot be treated civilly.

Fair enough.

I, for one, won’t forget she said that — especially the next time the left calls for more civility in our discussions.

Closely related to this — and in true (and very eerie) Orwellian fashion — Barack Obama’s propaganda machine, which includes Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton, as well as Bernie Sanders, for whom, incidentally, Senator Barack Obama campaigned (this, for all those who still somehow deny the inherent socialism that defines the Progressive Left), they’re still trying to convince the world that it was a “scandal free” administration, though in actuality it was among the most scandal-ridden, propagandistic administrations in history — every bit as much as Donald Trump’s clownish dog-and-pony show.

Even the liberal New York Times, of all publications, which doesn’t even pretend to be objective journalism any more, agrees that Obama’s attempt to quash journalistic free speech was a horrifying precedent that may never be undone: “If Trump Targets Journalists, Thank Obama”.


It’s no real secret that the left has long quit believing in freedom of speech, which is one of the many reasons the smartest leftists distanced themselves from the party years ago — the party, I would like to add, which once, many decades back, believed beautifully in freedom of speech and no censorship, and which now no longer has any inkling what that means, or what their party actually stands for, and the brutality that the realization of that party’s doctrine would bring upon all of us.


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