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Chomsky Redux: Former Israeli First Sergeant Gives His Opinion Of Noam Chomsky

A reader sent me the following audio clip — presumably because the Noam Chomsky post I myself wrote some time ago states several of the things this (much-more-learned) fellow does. Dr. Yaron Brook, with whom I’m only passingly familiar, is, according to his website, a former professor of finance, a columnist for Forbes magazine, whose…

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Noam Chomsky On Osama Bin Laden

Noam Chomsky — a stated Marxist who does not like America and yet continues to live very well here (as he has all his life) — shows us once again just how enamored he is of the asinine, and Christopher Hitchens properly skewers him for it: Anybody visiting the Middle East in the last decade…

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Noam Chomsky

A reader writes: Dear Ray Harvey: What is your opinion of Noam Chomsky? I ask because, like everyone else in academia, I think he’s about the smartest man in the world. Best, D Dear D: Which Noam Chomsky are you referring to? The one who openly supports Hezbollah? Or do you mean the one with…

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