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Obama and His Lowered Expectations of Obamacare

“More than 16 million uninsured Americans have gained health coverage,” Obama recently tweeted, while simultaneously neglecting to mention that this is exactly what you’d expect when you force people to buy insurance. Force, as I’ve always said, is the heart-and-soul of all (so-called) progressive ideology. For those who, like me, are being nailed with a…

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Hobby Lobby Opponents: Intellectually Stunning

For anyone who, like me, believes an employer should not be forced to pay for his or her employee’s abortifacient, see what you’re up against (i.e. not much): But you already knew that.

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April Fool

Have you ever wondered how to run a proper propaganda campaign? Then don’t follow the example of the Obama administration, who, for six solid months, told us repeatedly that they didn’t have any good idea how many people had actually enrolled and paid for an ObamaCare exchange policy — or how many of these same…

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