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Brutal Beclowning: MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer To GOP Congressman: “Do You Have A Degree In Economics?”

This is hilarious. Contessa Brewer, who does not have a degree in economics or common sense, beclowned herself horribly when she was grilling Alabama Representative Mo Brooks on the debt issue and tried feebly to discredit his qualifications for by asking: “Do you have a degree in economics?” Can you guess the answer? Watch: Quoting…

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Obama Suddenly Envisions An America Where “We Live Within Our Means”

After adding more to America’s national debt in his first 19 months than all presidents from Washington through Reagan combined, Barack Obama on Wednesday, April 14th, 2011, in a nationally televised speech, said the following: “This is my vision for America: A vision where we live within our means while still investing in our future”…

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