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Five Blood Boiling Facts About Taxes You Did Not Know

But first from the “How-Unbelievably-Stupid-Is-Harry-Reid?” files: Now, then: 5. Among the bureaucrats who want to raise your taxes, only 5 percent think their own taxes are too low. This poll conducted by Gallup shows that “57 percent of Republicans responded that their own taxes were too high. Fifty-eight percent of Independents agreed, while only 37…

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Doctor Hal Scherz: Dear Patients — Vote to Repeal ObamaCare

Doctor Hal Scherz is a pediatric urological surgeon at Georgia Urology and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. He also serves on the faculty of Emory University Medical School and is president of Docs4PatientCare. Just recently, he wrote that “because the issue this upcoming election is so stark — literally life and death for millions of Americans…

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