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Obama and His Lowered Expectations of Obamacare

“More than 16 million uninsured Americans have gained health coverage,” Obama recently tweeted, while simultaneously neglecting to mention that this is exactly what you’d expect when you force people to buy insurance. Force, as I’ve always said, is the heart-and-soul of all (so-called) progressive ideology. For those who, like me, are being nailed with a…

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A Doctor’s Take On Healthcare

The dynamic Doctor Mariela Resendes (M.D.) is a private practitioner who spent her previous 5 years as the Managing Partner/CEO of the largest Radiology practice in the San Joaquin Valley of California, CMI Radiology Group. Just recently, she wrote an irrefutable and scathing essay on the coming healthcare disaster that Barack Obama and his clownish…

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How The American Healthcare Crisis Began

What is now termed modern medicine actually began in the early 1920s when science — in particular, germ theory — culminated to a point that sickness and disease were at last being treated reliably. It was then that doctors and hospitals got much better at the business of saving lives. This more highly developed service…

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