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Fineman to Mathews: ObamaCare Was Barack Obama’s Biggest Mistake

It’s saying a lot, but Howard Fineman, of the notoriously left-wing Huffington Post, this Sunday told notorious left-winger Chris Mathews that ObamaCare was Barack Obama’s biggest political mistake — to which notorious left-winger David Ignatius, of the notoriously left-wing Washington Post, concurred. Watch: (Video via Newsbusters)

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Israeli Born Kiss Star Gene Simmons On 1967 Borders: “Obama Has No Fucking Idea What World Is Like”

In addition to this awesomeness, Kiss star Gene Simmons — who was born and partially raised in Haifa, Israel, with the name Chaim Witz — recently contributed something equally excellent to the world: (Video via mulhollanddose.) Partial transcript: JANE WELLS, CNBC: What do you think of President Obama‚Äôs suggestion that the borders be redrawn pre-67?…

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