What Happens When You Don’t Have Your Teleprompter?

What happens when you don’t have your teleprompter?

Well, if you don’t have anything more to offer than empty platitudes and a cult following, this is what happens: disast-uh:


  • Maura

    October 4, 2012

    You are right on the money with that! Too bad we are $16 trillion in debt….

  • Ricky James Moore II

    October 8, 2012

    Well, while Obama was a complete idiot, Romney was a pissant coward liberal. So I don’t see how he has anything more than empty platitudes. “We’re not going to cut taxes on the rich, herp-a-derp” “we’re not going to slash entitlements, derp-derp”.

    Romney is a fucking tool and like most Conservatards wouldn’t know capitalism if it gave birth to him. Romney’s rhetoric isn’t even free market, just like the Republitard party his understanding of economics is so scanty and fucked-up backwards that he is disqualified as counting as pro-market, even theoretically.

    Nobody ‘won’ that debate, there were two losers and 100,000 losers watching them from home. Anyone who votes for either one of these cretins deserves it when the police kick his teeth in.

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