Political Cow: Episode 3

Here’s another method by which you can demonstrate that health care isn’t a right:

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  • Dalton

    July 1, 2016

    I responded to Part 2 just a few minutes ago and have been thinking about this in much the same vein as the other.

    I don’t think anyone reasonable is arguing that people have the right to be “cured of cancer.” It’s the right to have a *chance* at being cured. What is being said here is akin to saying that the media needs to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. Well, that can get hairy, to say the least. It’s the opportunity that is important, in many ways – the attempt at truth and the individual’s opportunity to listen and learn (relating this to cancer treatment). Or using the right to bear arms: no one is saying there’s a right to be able to “cure intruders invariably” – i.e. magically be able to dispatch any and all intruders from your home. It’s having the opportunity and/or ability to defend one’s self if the circumstances require it. Same with healthcare and cancer.

    Again, I think much of it really boils down to what kind of world we want to live in. What kind of world do we want to leave our posterity? At what level of humanity or civilization do we want to aspire to?

  • Ray

    July 1, 2016

    Hello Dalton. It’s nice to see you here. There’s an easy and foolproof method for testing if something is a right or not, and that method is this:

    Your rights, my rights, everybody’s rights stop where another’s begin.

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