On Wisdom, Knowledge, Cell Phones, & Unchaining The Learning Beastie Within You

This is the last and longest video in the course, and I urge you to watch it through to the end, because there are some surprises:

Do you know what Google ethicists call cell phones? 

Tiny slot machines.

You know why?

Because cell phones are hard-to-put-down.

I recently heard a report — and I believe this — that the average person (this is average, mind you) sends 150 text messages a day and has multiple social-media accounts for the same platform on several different social-media platforms: i.e. two Instagrams, three Tumblrs, two Twitters, and so on — and that the amount of time spent on phones and social media is roughly proportionate to how depressed people rate themselves, and how unhappy they are in their jobs and in their romantic lives.

They also report a progressively harder time with face-to-face communication and an increase in their alcohol and drug use.

I personally know a number of people, male and female alike, who basically blog their lives and bare their souls on Instagram and Tumblr, and whose sun rises and sets with how many likes and reblogs they get. Many of these people won’t reply to important messages and emails because they are, as they will often be the first to tell you, chronically depressed — and yet they are absolutely glued to their phones and their social media accounts. I myself use social media, almost exclusively for marketing purposes, and I must consciously and carefully limit myself to no more than 20 minutes a day, and I make good use of the “schedule post” function.

Why, then, do people spend so much time on phones and social media if it’s making them depressed? Because each text message or LIKE sends a jolt of dopamine into the system, but it’s a short-term pleasure that results in long-term unhappiness.

Books, upon the other hand, even electronic books, have the opposite effect…


And support literacy by getting lit:


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  • Biff

    March 8, 2018

    … the only limiting factor is yourself.


    sagan’s cosmos – he stands in a far corner of a stack in the NYPL https://youtu.be/08umbVroyEA?t=36m15s “the trick is knowing which books to read” …

    only knew one other person that could read at that pace you describe for decades (4 books would be a light week) librarians all knew Dayle … unfortunately, mostly murder-mysteries … thought, if only those were physics textbooks

    all about the book, baby

    going to watch it again now

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