End The Shutdown

Government doesn’t “need a plan” to “end the shutdown.” Government needs to end the shutdown. Immediately.

To support forced shutdowns for an unspecified and indefinite time-span means to rely upon the same government that spent weeks sending contradictory messages, blocking testing, and being entirely unprepared to provide actual leadership. To end the forced lockdowns is to allow people to live their lives freely. Approximately 17 million people going to work will once more feel productive and useful. They will begin earning their own money again. Most importantly of all: the deadly and horrifyingly seductive and lulling lethargy, the indolence that comes from any and all forms of socialism — the process of entrenchment taking hold with such astonishing swiftness, like a gentle hand gripping your throat and squeezing until, before you’re even aware of it, you drift away into a brain-damaged stupor, irreparable (and you can already see this happening here, this new lifestyle so lulling and appealing to so many) — it will be mercifully abolished.

Free our free society now.