Shall We Defund The Police Now?

What do you think? Shall we defund the police?

Or how about Senator Tom Cotton’s suggestion back in June (2020)? Do you remember clear back then, when Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times in which he suggested the U.S. military be deployed for the rioting running rampant across American cities?

If you have forgotten, here are a few headlines of outrage concerning Tom Cotton’s opinion:

What do you think of Senator Cotton’s suggestion now?

And how, in general, do you feel about hypocrisy? Do you abhor it, as I do?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted this a month ago:

Here are a few other items I remember from the past year:

This was totally false and fabricated and Fleccas is absolute correct.

He’s right about this too: it’s the epitome of gaslighting.

You know what I think? Use the video footage, identify every single person — right or left, it doesn’t matter since justice is absolute and can take no qualifier without destroying it — identify every single person, I say, perpetrating force and committing violence, and arrest them, completely irrespective of which side of the so-called aisle they place themselves upon. Left-wing perpetrators along with the right. Expunge the laughable double-standards and the endless equivocations and the outrageously nonsensical partisan grandstanding.

This is not complicated. In fact, it’s stupidly basic. You know what it’s like? It’s like a fucking joke to me.

I also think it’s a fairly predictable situation: lock a supposedly free people down for almost a year; people’s life-savings wiped out; people going bankrupt; schools not permitted to open, churches likewise, while rioters loot, kill, and burn down cities across the country and are not held accountable. The political elites who permit us to exist and the people who support these elites — they virtually ensure that violence will keep happening.

There is truth to the following, whether or not everyone turns it into a pissing contest:

Ideas have consequences.

I agree with this as well:

I ask: Where in the hell is the outrage over the apparent excessive force for this? Where?