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Associated Press Lines A Pistol Up To Ted Cruz’s Brain

There are subtle subliminal messages, and then there are those that almost hit you right between the eyes. From the hyper-partisan Associated Press (AP) — which, incidentally, still masquerades as actual journalism — on June 21, 2015: The image is even more edifying when you compare it to other AP photo’s over the past few…

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The Green Jobs Racket Exposed (Again)

Here’s an economic axiom which we’ve discussed here before, but which in this day and age is always worth repeating: If something is economically tenable, it never ever needs to be subsidized. The latest concretization of this fact comes from none other than the state-run Associated Press: After a year of crippling delays, President Barack…

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The Melting Glaciers

About a decade ago, Doctor R.J. Braithwaite wrote an article that appeared in Progress in Physical Geography. In that article, which was peer-reviewed, Doctor Braithwaite tells us how he analyzed 246 glaciers, sampled from both hemispheres and latitudes, between the years 1946 and 1995. This “mass balance analysis” he conducted found that “some glaciers were…

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