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Racist Barack Obama And His Phony Baloney Speech

If you can listen to his speech affectation without wincing in embarrassment, you’re a stronger person than I: Barack (“My-Grandmother-Is-A-Typical-White-Person”) Obama, a garden-variety racist who because he’s black has been given a pass on his devotion to Jeremiah Alvesta Wright.

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Iowa Tea-Partier Accuses Barack Obama Of Lying

This past Monday (August 15th, 2011) Ryan Rhodes, a Tea Party organizer in Iowa, asked Barack Obama how Obama could call for more civility when “your vice president is calling people like me, a Tea Party member, a ‘terrorist.’” Barack Obama — who, as you no doubt remember from his debates with Hillary, was against…

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Barack Obama In His Own Words

“[My grandmother] is a typical white person.” — Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama, 2008 Now that the American military has at long last killed Osama bin Laden, Obama’s sagging approval ratings have jumped some six points. Obama is riding pretty high, and so I think it’s important to remind folks once again who this…

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