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Modern-Day Socialism and the 30-year Anniversary of Tiananmen Square

This recent tweet captures the half-assed distinction Marx tried to make between so-called bourgeois property and personal property: On the thirtieth anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre — when the totalitarian socialist government of China quashed, with extreme force, a political uprising by the people of China who rebelled at last against the obliteration of…

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James Buchanan: RIP

James M. Buchanan, economist and Nobel Prize winner, died Wednesday, January 9th, 2013. He was 93. He was also among the most important economists of the 20th century: “A founder and profound contributor to the discipline of public choice, the branch of economics that examines how governments actually make policies. Prior to his work, many…

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Depression Before the Great Depression

The following is Chapter 21 of Leave Us Alone: Before the Great Depression of the 1930’s and 1940’s, there were a number of depressions and recessions in this country, two of the most notable being the Panic of 1819 and the depression of 1837. In every instance prior to the Great Depression, the government policy…

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