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Barack Obama Versus Barack Obama

In 2009, the so-called Individual Mandate was, according to Barack Obama (and I quote), “absolutely NOT a tax increase”. Listen: Magically, however, in 2012, two short days ago, in fact, that exact same Individual Mandate was, according that exact same Barack Obama, after all a tax: Barack Obama: “By the way, if you’ve got health…

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Obama On Solyndra: “Not Our Program Per Se”

Amazing what a difference a couple of years can make, isn’t it? Here, for example, is Barack Obama now talking about Solyndra — the bankrupt solar-panel company that we the taxpayers funded to the tune of billions: “Understand: [Solyndra] was not our program per se.” I know what you’re thinking: who the hell uses per…

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Barack Obama In His Own Words

“[My grandmother] is a typical white person.” — Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama, 2008 Now that the American military has at long last killed Osama bin Laden, Obama’s sagging approval ratings have jumped some six points. Obama is riding pretty high, and so I think it’s important to remind folks once again who this…

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