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What Happens When You Drink Local, Sustainable, Organic Kale Juice?

The following comes courtesy the good people at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), who have quietly yet tirelessly been fighting the good fight against propaganda and misinformation since 1984. (Click the pic to enlarge):

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Three Reasons the Organic Foods Industry is a Scam

The organic food industry has, in the last decade, exploded beyond all sensible proportion so that now, worldwide, the industry is worth roughly $65 billion dollars. Astonishing as that figure is, though, it becomes all the more so when you realize that this entire industry is predicated upon one giant myth after another. In March…

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Are Organic Foods Worth The Price?

In February of 2007, the Los Angeles Times ran an article that said, among other things, the following: Since 1989, when organic-food activists raised a [bunked] nationwide scare over the pesticide alar in apples, many scientists have seethed quietly at what they perceive as a campaign of scare tactics, innuendo and shoddy science perpetrated by…

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