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Postmodernism: The Destruction of Thought

[Note: The following appeared, in slightly altered form, in a previous article, but I’ve added a new beginning.] The only real way that knowledge and human progress can be derailed is by the systematic rejection of inductive reasoning, which forms the underpinnings not just of all science and the scientific-method, but of the entirety of…

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The Great Electrifier Takes on Climate Change

Climate change — or global warming, if you’re antiquated — is a dead duck. It always has been. The Great Electrifier explains why:

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Leonard Nimoy: He Lived Long and Prospered

In 1975, when Leonard Nimoy was 45-years-old, he wrote a book titled, I Am Not Spock. Some 20 years later, he wrote another book, a follow-up (of sorts), titled I Am Spock. One finds oneself strangely heartened by Leonard Nimoy’s eventual acceptance of his iconic status — and the colossal shadow his most famous character…

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