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UN Document Would Give ‘Mother Earth’ Same Rights As Humans

This is for all the folks out there — you know who you are — who over the years have told me that I caricaturize environmentalism and environmentalists; that I present the environmental position “unfairly,” as “too extreme” when I call it what it actually is: namely, neo-Marxism at its blackest, a quasi-secular religion that…

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Individual Rights

Rights are a formal codification of human freedom. Rights state explicitly the fact that no other person or institution has rightful jurisdiction over the person or property of another. Justice — also known as equity — is nothing more or less than the legal recognition of each and every individual’s right to her own life…

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How The American Healthcare Crisis Began

What is now termed modern medicine actually began in the early 1920s when science — in particular, germ theory — culminated to a point that sickness and disease were at last being treated reliably. It was then that doctors and hospitals got much better at the business of saving lives. This more highly developed service…

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