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Eric Garner And Taxes

Eric Garner, the 43-year-old asthmatic black-marketeer who, for selling untaxed cigarettes, was choked to death by police, and whose death was ruled a homicide, exposes the rotten core not only of law enforcement run amok but also, just as significantly, of government laws, regulations, and taxation, and its unintended consequences. Eric Garner was selling a…

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Five Blood Boiling Facts About Taxes You Did Not Know

But first from the “How-Unbelievably-Stupid-Is-Harry-Reid?” files: Now, then: 5. Among the bureaucrats who want to raise your taxes, only 5 percent think their own taxes are too low. This poll conducted by Gallup shows that “57 percent of Republicans responded that their own taxes were too high. Fifty-eight percent of Independents agreed, while only 37…

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