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Occupy Wall Street: Bullying Old Ladies, Lice Infestations, Defecating In Banks, Shutting Down Burger Kings — Yes, Barack, No Different From The Tea Party

It’s being called by some The Worst Media Double Standard in Recent History, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m referring of course to the mainstream media’s overwhelming support of the Occupy Wall Street movement vis-à-vis their utter vilification of the Tea Party, who paid for the permits (I know, because I was one who paid),…

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Environmental Propaganda And The 10:10 No Pressure Campaign

As I’ve often said, environmentalism as a political philosophy is a cult of death, the highroad to hell, truly neo-Marxism at its blackest. For all those who have so stridently claimed that my criticisms are unjust, that they are divorced from reality and wildly exaggerated, I offer you this latest inanity from the 10:10 propaganda…

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