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Obama’s February, March 2015 Golf Vacations and Fundraisers Cost Taxpayers Over 4 Million in Travel Expenses Alone

There’s nothing I love more than being lectured by sanctimonious liberals on, for instance, not “taking action on climate change,” or the importance of energy conservation, or the sins of profligacy, et cetera. I love it even more when I’m being lectured by sanctimonious liberals who are simultaneously engaged in high hypocrisy: Judicial Watch announced…

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The Green Jobs Racket Exposed (Again)

Here’s an economic axiom which we’ve discussed here before, but which in this day and age is always worth repeating: If something is economically tenable, it never ever needs to be subsidized. The latest concretization of this fact comes from none other than the state-run Associated Press: After a year of crippling delays, President Barack…

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