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Obama On Solyndra: “Not Our Program Per Se”

Amazing what a difference a couple of years can make, isn’t it? Here, for example, is Barack Obama now talking about Solyndra — the bankrupt solar-panel company that we the taxpayers funded to the tune of billions: “Understand: [Solyndra] was not our program per se.” I know what you’re thinking: who the hell uses per…

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Solyndra Debacle Highlights Obama’s Folly And Exposes The Green-Energy Racket

I’ve said it many times before: if something is economically tenable, it never needs to be subsidized, because the market will adopt it naturally. If something needs to be subsidized, it’s not economically tenable and should not be subsidized. Just recently, we’ve had the misfortune of witnessing yet again the reason that this is so.…

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