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Defending McDonald’s (Again)

Most in the mainstream are busy vilifying McDonald’s, but not me. In fact, I’ve defended McDonald’s before, against the outrageous environmental hoops through which the religion of environmentalism has pressured McDonald’s to jump, and so I was particularly delighted to read Jeffry Tucker’s excellent essay also in defense of those golden arches. Here’s an excerpt:…

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A Brief History of Economic Thought — By Jim Cox

Jim Cox is one of my favorite living economists. His slim but pregnant book — The Concise Guide To Economics — is a miniature masterpiece. The following comes from Chapter 37: The Spanish Scholastics of 14th through 17th century Spain had produced a body of thought largely similar to our modern understanding of economics. The…

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Laissez Faire and Hong Kong

Laissez faire is a social system based upon private ownership of the means of production and the preeminence of the individual over the group. The word capitalism was popularized by Karl Marx, in the 1850’s. Marx used it to denounce private ownership of the means of production and the autonomous workings of the free market.…

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