Man Urinates In Water, City Gushes 8 MILLION Gallons

Yes, you’ve read that right.

C’est la vie. Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

From Yahoo news:

PORTLAND, Ore. – Call it the big flush.

Because a 21-year-old man was caught on a security camera urinating into a city reservoir, Oregon’s biggest city is sending 8 million gallons of treated drinking water down the drain.

Portland officials defended the decision Monday, saying they didn’t want to send city residents water laced, however infinitesimally, with urine.

Public health officials say, however, that urine is sterile in healthy people and that the urine in the reservoir was so diluted — perhaps a half pint in millions of gallons — that it posed little risk.

Some people in the city, in the suburbs and around the world called the flush an overreaction, especially since animals such as ducks contribute waste routinely and, sometimes, die in the water.

“More than 1 billion people worldwide do not have reliable access to clean drinking water, and here we are tossing away nearly 8 million gallons of water just to appease the ignorant residents who believe their tap water will otherwise turn yellow,” read one comment posted on The Oregonian’s Website.

Water from the city’s five open air reservoirs, all in parks, goes directly to customers. The reservoirs are due to be replaced by underground storage within a decade, a result of federal requirements.

The reservoirs distribute water that flows from glaciers on Mount Hood. It is treated before it goes to the reservoirs for distribution, and then goes directly to consumers.

The reservoirs are drained twice a year for cleaning, and workers have found animal carcasses, paint cans, construction material, fireworks debris and even the plastic bags people use to scoop up after their dogs, said David Shaff, administrator of the city water bureau.

Even so, Shaff said, the yuck factor was the primary reason for the decision to drain the 8 million gallons, at a cost of less than $8,000 to treat it as sewage.

“Nobody wants to drink pee, and I don’t want to deal with the 100 people who would be unhappy that I’m serving them pee in their water,” he said.

Nobody wants to drink pee indeed, sir.

Or do they?


  • Dale

    June 21, 2011

    Which is worse:
    a. Portland’s big flush
    b. Urolagnia
    c. Ray for making piss the subject

  • Micky

    June 22, 2011

    I think you forgot one choice Dale.

    d. Oregon, a predominantly moonbat population, will find any excuse to embellish city & county payrolls at the expense of maintaining the appearance that ‘environmentally’ they’ve got it more under control than anyone else.
    Seems no different to me than banning smoking as bus stops where you’re more likely to get a good dose of carbon no matter how many people light up.
    They should of just told everyone to shut the fuck up and be glad he didn’t piss any further down stream in Urolagnia

  • EJ

    July 18, 2011

    Remember, if you are an environmentalist, you have, believe it or not, signed up again for the eugenics movement.

    Concentration camps and all.

    Man bad ya know.


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