$100.00 Best First Sentence Contest — Halloween Edition

Journal Pulp is offering a $100.00 cash prize for the following:

Best first sentence for a novel about a clever but silent twelve-year-old girl who’s an only child and who one dark night traveling with her mother and father falls asleep in the backseat of the car — and wakes to find that same car on the side of the road, not wrecked but parked and with all the doors open, her mother and father both dead on the pavement, their throats cut wide open, blood everywhere, a faint trail of footprints in the dust.

Rules and guidelines:

No outrageous run-ons. You can submit anonymously or under your real name, it doesn’t matter.

No minimum length requirement.

Submit as many separate entries as you’d like.

Leave your sentence in the comments section here.

The winner will be selected by the Journal Pulp.

The contest will be open for two weeks from today: October 17th, 2014, through October 31st, 2014, at midnight on Halloween.

If your sentence doesn’t appear in the comments after you’ve submitted, it’s almost certainly because of my (overly) aggressive SPAM filter. Please note that I check the SPAM folder carefully and regularly, and that your sentence, if it’s not SPAM, will be approved.

Submit your work!

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