Why Do We Kiss? (Book of Dog: Episode 4)

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The science of kissing is called philematology.

Osculation means kiss on the cheek.

Basium is a kiss on the lips.

Savolium is a a deep kiss.

And that’s only the beginning.

Brought to you by the College of Subversive Knowledge.


  • Audrey

    April 1, 2016

    What would a kiss on the neck be called Mr. Harvey?

  • Ray

    April 1, 2016

    That, I believe, would be a better questions for Dog.

  • Dave

    April 5, 2016

    Hey dog, you might want to send Desmound Morris a check. You ripped off half of chapter three of The Naked Ape you fucking insufferable hack. My dad had that book as required reading back in 1971 when he attended William and Mary.

  • Ray

    April 8, 2016

    Your dad? Are you sure you don’t mean your fucking mother?

    Incidentally, what happened to your website? I click your name and it takes me to an entirely different kind of salmon.

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