Reverse Racism

In actuality, there is no such thing as “reverse racism,” as you’ve probably heard, though it’s likely not for the reason you’ve been told: i.e. “white people simply can’t be victims of racism.”

That’s a real quote, and it’s spoken in complete seriousness.

The only reason there’s no such thing as “reverse racism” is that racism, like justice, is an absolute: It takes no qualifier. To give it a qualifier is to erase its actual meaning — which then results in more and deeper racism. There’s racism or there isn’t. The term “reverse racism” is the equivalent of “reverse hatred.” There’s either hatred or there isn’t.

Racism does not only “work against people who are already oppressed” — as that writer goes on to say — and oppression is not the defining characteristic of racism.

Racism, the most barbaric form of tribalism, is the belief that each human intellect and each individual’s moral worth and character are determined by genetic lineage and biochemistry.

Tribalism, collectivism — whatever you wish to term it — is the subordination of the individual to the tribe or group. On a smaller scale, it is the subjugation of the individual to the cult, clique, community, gang, et cetera, with which one associates.

Tribalism in any of its variations and manifestations is the antithesis of individuality.

No matter its specific form and no matter the levels of equivocation or rationalization involved, all doctrines of racism hold to the conviction that, in some significant measure, humans are to be evaluated not on the basis of their actions which stem from their reasoning brains — an act of choice — but by the unchosen biochemistry of one’s ancestry and pedigree.

Racism is in this way another form of determinism: humans are determined not by their brains which shape their actions but by their blood, over which humans have no ultimate choice or control.

As such, racism purports that the thoughts and ideas which make up each individual mind are not chosen but merely inherited, and all values and character-traits are thus determined by biochemical-physical factors beyond any individual’s control.

Racism seeks to nullify that human attribute which is our defining characteristic: the faculty of reason and choice — which is to say, the rational faculty.

In the latest (quasi) arguments and iterations, you’ll often hear that there is no such thing as reverse racism because “only privileged white people can be racist.”

This is disastrously, dangerously wrongheaded.

It seeks to correct injustice with more injustice.

This will not work. It cannot work. It is a mathematical certainty that it cannot work. It will, in the end, breed — as indeed it has bred — more and ever more racism and racial conflict.

That is the only possible outcome of such a philosophy.

It’s also why today, leaders of the free world can say explicitly racist things — “My grandmother was a typical white person” (Barack Obama, 2008) — and most won’t even recognize it as racism.

Something else you should know — something closely related with the subject of reverse racism as it’s now come to be understood:

Except for the very poorest people in the world, everyone is “privileged.” That’s what this non-word — “privilege” — has come to mean.

It is an attempt to negate human health, wealth, and well-being.

If, therefore, you’ve bought into academia and its jargon, this is what you’ve bought into: nobody, not even the poor, deserves the fruits of her ideas nor the wealth, however small or large, earned through her effort and work. It is all a “privilege” — and do you know why?

Answer: because there are people in the world who do not have the “privileges” you have.

You will never, of course, hear any mention whatsoever about government privilege — in much the same way that you will never hear categorical condemnation of the government regimes, so often marxist, that keep the poorest of the world in their continual state of grinding poverty. 

Nor will you ever hear discussion of where real wealth derives, which is the essence of the entire subject of so-called privilege. 

The absolute fact of the matter is this: any individual — no matter that individual’s race or skin color — can be racist.

Every human, no matter the genetic lineage, can act in a racist manner.

I’ve known Native American racists. I’ve known Mexican racists. I’ve known Asian racists. I’ve known black racists. I’ve known Jewish racists. I’ve known Middle-Eastern racists. I’ve known Scandinavian racists. I’ve know white-trash racists. I’ve known mixed-breed racists.

Et alia.

Racism is a very specific thing, and even in spite of all the torturous equivocations and the postmodern vocabulary twisting — that specific thing is basic and simple to understand:

Racism is the belief that human virtue is determined not by choice but by race. Racism is the view that human character is determined by genetic bloodline.

But neither character nor virtue are so determined: virtue and character, rather, are chosen.

Racism is as commonplace as it is cliche. It is as banal as it is dangerously stupid — and stupidly boorish — and, as you know, there is no sin except stupidity.

To claim that only “institutionalized white people” can be racist is foolish and embarrassing. It is to commit an error of staggering yet elementary proportions. It is also to perpetuate more racism. Indeed, it is a kind of racism.

Which is precisely why and the way in which racism is being perpetrated today, and will continue to be perpetrated — largely by academic-and-political elites — until the entire deadly doctrine of determinism is extirpated once and for all.

In the realm of human virtue — which is to say, human action — only that which is chosen is relevant. In this realm — the moral realm — race is meaningless because race is unchosen.

The human faculty of volition — of mind and morality — exists in all human-beings, regardless of skin color or race or, for that matter, sex or gender. And no matter how furiously people wish this weren’t so — and no matter how many wish it weren’t so — this human faculty is not nor ever will be replaced by biochemical predestination.

To try to do so will only sow greater strife and disrupt the natural goodwill and the sisterhood and brotherhood which exists among human-beings, no matter their race or biochemical pedigree.

Because the individual human mind with the choice to think is the root of all things good and and beautiful and true.