“Social Distancing” Is NOT Lockdown — And Then There’s The Curious Case Of Sweden

Be careful of that bait-and-switch, which has already begun.

Social distancing is voluntarily.

Lockdown is not.

Be aware of this as well:

Also this, from infectious-disease specialist Doctor Amesh Adalja, of Johns Hopkins:


Doctor Amesh Adalja also recently said “I suspect coronavirus was here even before the 1st official case was diagnosed in Washington state in mid-January.” That was in response to this New York Times piece:

Finally, the surprise you’ve all been waiting for: the bureaucratic insanity, which by definition and by necessity comes with bloated government, continues lumbering down its predictable course, unabated:

To any and all government-lovers, of whatever stripe, before you break yourself completely at the alter of bureaucracy, I’d be very curious to hear your response to (and your defense of) all this shit. In fact, I demand it.


Auto sales plunge in March.

And here’s an exceptionally clear and cogent explication of why the coronavirus pandemic is not, contrary to what you’ve heard, “exponential.” All pandemics — all of them — follow an epidemiological curve (or epi curve, as they’re known, also an S-curve), not an exponential one.

And then, of course, there’s the controversial case of Sweden:

If the COVID-19 pandemic tails off in a few weeks, months before the alarmists claim it will, they will probably pivot immediately and pat themselves on the back for the brilliant social-distancing controls that they imposed on the world. They will claim that their heroic recommendations averted total calamity. Unfortunately, they will be wrong; and Sweden, which has done almost no mandated [my boldface] social distancing, will probably prove them wrong.