Starvation Has 100 Percent Fatality Rate: What The Forced Lockdowns Are Doing To Africa

This video clip shows real human beings, young and old, lining up for the food pantry in South Africa.

This is a glimpse of the appalling toll that forced lockdowns are already taking upon Africa. You may be certain that it will get much worse quickly.

Starvation has a 100 percent fatality-rate.

Covid-19 has a fatality rate of less than 1 percent.

What these government-forced lockdowns are doing, their global repercussions, which have only just begun, is nothing short of criminal.

“Not another death” the pro-force, pro-lockdown people say. What about all the incalculable death that forced lockdown will cause? Why no equal compassion or concern for these innocent victims?

Who will answer for this harrowing death-toll, and who will take responsibility?


The footage comes via Luke Rudkowski, but also posted by Reuters.

The Guardian newspaper, as well, has a good article on the subject — titled “Famine of Biblical Proportions.”

As one commentator said (and I quote):

“As a lifelong progressive, the lockdowns are the biggest humanitarian catastrophe of this century. The effects on the developing world got me involved in anti-lockdown movements. China deliberately pushed these lockdowns.”