To Kill A Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, and Several Other Books Now Banned In California

It’s no secret that I love books. It turns out, though, much to my surprise, some books should be banned after all. At least, that’s what progressive-liberal democrats in California recently decreed. It seems that the Maoists and Stalinists are vindicated and were correct all along (they called it “book-cleansing” — a practice that’s good for people because people should not think too much for themselves). A bureau of planners should determine what citizens are and are not allowed to read.

Book-banning and censorship — this is what freedom actually is, as everybody knows. And anybody who denies it is a “fascist.” This is what “real democracy” is all about, of course.

This, reader, is yet another glimpse at today’s left.

If you’ve ever doubted the supreme role that ideas play in human life, I hope that today’s myopic left and their unhinged espousal of censorship and book-banning helps concretize the point — because the call for book-banning and the shutdown of free speech is directly and demonstrably rooted in a specific leftist ideology that almost none of its perfervid adherents understands in full: it’s called Critical Race Theory (CRT).

(The acronym jargon is important, by the way, insofar as it’s a giveaway that you’re dealing with pure dogmatism and dogmatists, and in such realms as these, thinking for yourself is forbidden — purely the stuff of “fascists,” and so punishable by law.)

CRT has, among many other abhorrences, made it possible for seemingly sane people to actually think that those of us who believe in freedom of speech are, in fact, the “radical anti-democratic fascists” since we fight passionately against any and all forms of censorship, including but not limited to book-banning and book-burning, because it means we support any view opposed to our own. (I sincerely hope you see the fatal contradiction built into this [non] argument.)

I offer this to you now as but a tiny sampling of the left’s Orwellian assault on free speech and advocacy of left-wing authoritarianism, which is happening worldwide and at breakneck speed, and which a number of my detractors have said I “exaggerate.” So I eagerly await your “anti-fascist” defense of book-banning now, as I look forward also to your “anti-fascist” defense of book-burning and the keeping of careful lists of people like me who’ve committed the unthinkable crime of disagreeing with you about what you think of as the “virtue” of banning books, and who dares to call himself a classic liberal and yet would never, in a trillion years, side with today’s left.

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Just incidentally — not that it matters to the advocates of book-banning — To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the world’s greatest, most elegantly written, genuinely stirring and convincing books in absolute and unequivocal condemnation of racial injustice; and Tom Robinson and Atticus Finch are two of the greatest and most unforgettable characters in American literature: total heroes who stand for what all humans should stand for, and which today’s left loathes.

You are not allowed to speak freely: