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Worst Power Plant Disaster?

It’s not nuclear. Quoting Annalee Newitz, at i09: “[W]hen accidents happen, the deadliest and costliest source of energy is water — especially when it’s held back by poorly-designed dams. The Chernobyl disaster doesn’t come close to the damage done when a dam at a hydroelectric plant bursts.” Here’s her rundown: 1975: Shimantan/Banqiao Dam Failure Type…

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Nuclear Over-Reaction

[UPDATE: The sudden interest in this subject and the subsequent glut of traffic that that interest has generated has also, not quite coincidentally, generated a number of requests for my “nuclear credentials” and “my scientific qualifications.” As a bartender, I am of course eminently qualified to discuss these and similar issues, and I refer all…

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Are The Fish Really Being Mercury Poisoned?

If you smell something fishy in this latest wave of methyl mercury talk, the reason is that there is something fishy in it — very fishy — and it stinks to high heaven. Don’t be lured in. The relevant facts are these: In this country, there hasn’t been a single scientifically documented case of fish-related…

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