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Whiskey Wisdom & the Actual Truth about Egalitarianism & Inequality

Excerpted from my forthcoming: Chapter 30 Since humans are each discrete, individuated beings, with a singular consciousness, born into a complex system of nature, humans are because of this infinitely diverse. This is a good thing, as it is a beautiful thing. This infinite diversity means, however, that humans are inherently unequal – in countless…

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Animal Farm and the Krystal Ball

MNSBC host and self-described “Democratic political strategist” Krystal Ball was recently discussing Thomas Piketty’s latest book — the subject of which is income inequality — when she foolishly introduced into her dithyrabmic George Orwell’s famous book Animal Farm. “Even the august and ostensibly economically literate Wall Street Journal tells [Piketty] to read Animal Farm,” Krystal…

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