Left-Wing Protest Turns Ugly At Wisconsin Catholic School


  • Dale

    August 30, 2011

    America’s academic institutions are an abysmal failure because they have sold themselves into bondage with a political ideology – commonly referred to as liberalism – that has so corrupted their intellect they are simply incapable of understanding how screwed up they actually are.

    For example, Torpedo thinks a “jobs plan” means you increase taxes on “rich people” and then the government spends money. This is the kind of vacant-headed stupidity our liberal indoctrinators – oh praise heaven those devoted school teachers – have soiled our children with, while swimming in the cesspool of unions, Democrats, and corrupt money laundering in the guise of political action.

    If those assholes are so great, let them walk out of their government jobs with guaran-damn-teed everything gold plated, get a real job, meet a f-ing deadline, pay for their own damn medical and retirement like the rest of us.
    Assholes. F-ing assholes.
    I’m trying to be good, like our unionized teachers, by being hateful and vitriolic. Am I good now, teacher?

  • Micky

    September 1, 2011

    Funny how the left defends our public schools while part of the resume` their heros hold always seems to consist of some elite private establishment.
    Then again, what public sourced learning they’ve enjoyed is what taught the economic policies were being tortured and destroyed by ?

    These people profess to be so academic and constantly tout how their decisions and rational are based on logic derived of science, math, and historical fact.
    Yet, science, math, and historical fact, all three, dictate and prove that you cannot consume or spend more than you produce or create without ending up broke or liquidated.
    And still, instead of following these tenets of reality they indulge in the practice of insanity using and spending more than they produce over and over again expecting a different sum.
    These are the actions of the “blind faithful religious man” that they bash every chance they get.

    I doubt any level or non bias learning establishment could have anything to offer that could make more sense to them than their ideology. If our present state is any reflection of what these institutes they defend so rigorously are teaching, they can friggin have it.
    The truly intelligent guy is able to sift out the garbage and make use of whatever data to a productive result. I believe this type of intelligence is developed by work and study ethic taught at the home and something no institution could ever offer.
    Just take one look at our host and the fruits of his self educated mind and I close my case

  • KJJ

    September 26, 2011

    “think of the example you’ve set for all of those kids watching this” time- 4:06

    I think the example is to stand up for what you believe. Which is a good example whether or not I agree with this, I agree you should always stand up for yourself and the people you love and care about. Political or not.


  • Dale

    September 27, 2011

    So, am I to understand you think it a good thing that the vitriolic protestors were standing up for the people they love and care about – themselves, their union thug bosses, and their political inciters – so it’s okay with you that they expose those nice children to their bigoted hatred?

  • KJJ

    September 27, 2011

    No, I just think it is important for our children to stand for what they believe good or bad. That’s all politics are… getting ugly and dirty to get what you want and get people to believe(in)you. I see no difference there, do you? Doesn’t mean I agree with all the topics people stand for but trust me there are plenty of things I believe and others would say the same thing you did.

    Only an opinion. Thank you! Have a great day.

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