Zombies Geared Up For Halloween (And The Election)

These are some of the most frightening zombies you’ll ever see: Obama Zombies


  • Micky

    October 29, 2012

    I cant vote. Public enemy # 1
    So I got this lofty idea 6 years ago that I could visit blogs arguing cases to compensate for my missing vote by pointing out liberal idiocy (redundant) and conservative values in hopes just one moonbat would see the light and vote anything but dem.
    The only substantial thing that came from this endeavor was that we are still surrounded by a majority thats so clueless they threaten the very existence of humanity.
    Which is why now I treat them like sh*t as opposed to my original calls for civil decorum/dialogue.
    I’m sure I reached a couple people with the reality in mind that they’d never admit it if I did sway their vote.
    But, the trade off has been minimal at best since my sanity’s been stretched and theres still a majority who think government and communal rule are the answer.
    They can see theres no more gumballs in the machine yet they keep pumping it with quarters and then sh*t themselves like rotten little kids when no one will fill the machine and give them more quarters.
    Its like Zombies closing in from every direction and I want to blow my brains out before they assimilate me.
    Wait…I’m not allowed to own a gun either.

    On a more positive note
    Romney has to win.
    Everything thats ever tried to kill me failed.

    Sorry, the tension is like a week before sentencing.
    You’re either going to walk a free man.
    Or walk funny in jail

  • Nick

    October 29, 2012

    Why can’t you vote?

  • Dave Cochrane

    October 30, 2012

    @ Nick: I suspect he just hasn’t learned how to yet.

  • Ray

    November 1, 2012

    Hi Davey! It’s good to see you, sir.

  • Micky

    November 1, 2012

    Twenty five years ago I was arrested in S.Diego with a nickle bad of weed.
    It should of been a simple possession/misdemeanor but for the previous seven years S.D. Vice had unsuccessfully tried to convict me for moving kilos of blow up from Mexico and distributing in S.D.
    Every other month for all that time I was pulled over and searched, my office searched and ransacked, hassled constantly until one day one of the local undercover agents witnessed me buying a nickle bag in front of my office from a street hustler I’d known for years. Its obvious today he was working off a rap.
    The arrest report said I was selling to a minor,not true, but a felony regardless.
    As a conservative one of my beefs with the right is their ignorance on marijuana and adherence to a law designed 200 years ago.
    Felons are not allowed to vote or own firearms.

    Dave, whats your problem ?

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