Covid-19 Is Not Like The Flu In These Two Important Ways — And We Should All Be Grateful 

Covid-19 may have an overall lethality that’s closer to seasonal flu than previously thought, but in the following two ways it is not like seasonal flu:

If it were like the flu, 700 children would now be dead and 150 infants would be deceased.

As it is, 17 deaths across both age brackets have been recorded in U.S. total for Covid-19. 

That is a stark and important difference.

The following story is 100 percent bullshit — promulgated by CNN and Rachel Maddow, among others:



Reader, I urge you to please process this: Texas’s case numbers are up because their testing has surged.

Look at percent positive over past seven days. All it takes is one graphic to prove this entire story is complete propaganda. Yet go read the comments: people totally believing it and demanding Texas shut down.




In other news, Swedish epidemiologist Johan Giesecke, who like all sensible people — scientists especially — realizes the intractable nature of the horrific policies enacted by force overnight, had this to say in an interview today:


Speaking of sensible people, it’s just been reported that the head of New York City’s public hospitals pushed to keep the city open, but was overruled by stupidity.

“This virus doesn’t change who your friends are: it reveals who your friends are.”

A friend sent me that earlier today, and I think it’s true.