Judge Rules AGAINST ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate

Sage Judge Henry Hudson

In the biggest blow yet to ObamaCare, Judge Henry E. Hudson (U.S. District Court of Virginia) recognized the obvious: namely, it is utterly unconstitutional for any government to force its citizens to carry insurance, or pay a penalty if they don’t. In the Judge’s wise words: “[It] exceeds the constitutional boundaries of congressional power.”


“[The individual mandate] would invite unbridled exercise of federal police powers. At its core, this dispute is not simply about regulating the business of insurance — or crafting a scheme of universal health insurance coverage — it’s about an individual’s right to choose to participate.”

Indeed, indeed. This is a textbook example (one of an endless number) of how so-called progressive liberalism is, like all other forms of socialism, a philosophy of force — a philosophy that must resort to force in order to achieve its goals. So don’t be duped by all their peace-loving talky-talky. In actuality, these people worship at the shrine of authoritarianism, governmental power, and state coercion. Their ideology cannot succeed in any other way.

Though this ruling will be appealed, drug-out, and very possibly overturned, it is appropriate, I think, for us to take a moment to say, thank you, Judge Henry E. Hudson, for recognizing and codifying the painfully obvious.

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  • Micky

    December 13, 2010

    This is just the start of 2 dozen more states challenging fed imposed mandatory purchases.
    Yes, its a good example and good show of reason. But weve got a long bumpy ride as we know this all will end up in the SCOTUS.
    I choose to drive a car I must abide by the law to maintain at least liability insurance.
    How is my choice to live a reason to mandate that I be covered ?

  • Lorne Barr

    December 13, 2010


    The above is an elucidating stream of conscientious by a real smarty. I agree with Micky’s “long and bumpy ride.” Hmmm.. Like a Friday’s jouney to a mountain whorehouse in a square wheeled rickshaw… Maybe Santas hemrroids flare up on December 24th… Or John Holmes gets genital warts. Talk about your long and bumpy rides. Wow! Whew i had no choice Ray i needed three
    The story of judicial overreach is a trail of tears. To see Epstein specifically dismantle Obamacare go here
    Ifn this is all old hat, forgive me and dont act like you didnt suck on that chipotle sandwich.

  • Ray

    December 14, 2010

    Ha-ha-ha! Whew indeed, Lorne, whew indeed. But no excuses, goddammit.

    And speaking of dicks, Dick Epstein, as I’ve said before, is one of the most sophisticated living defenders of laissez-faire, and he’s never old hat. On the contrary, he’s always entirely relevant. Thanks for the comments,

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