Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee Plays The Race Card In Debt Ceiling Fight

Evidently, representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) wasn’t too busy answering her cell phone during Town Halls this past Friday, but instead had the time (and the nerve) to play the race card yet again, strongly suggesting that race-obsessed Barack (“My-Grandmother-Is-A-Typical-White-Person”) Obama’s skin color is what’s actually to blame in this meaningless debt-ceiling fight:

From Real Clear Politics:

Jackson Lee, a black Congresswoman, believes the disagreement over raising the debt ceiling is because of President Obama’s race.

“I am particularly sensitive to the fact that only this president, only this president, only this one has received the kind attacks and disagreements and inability to work. Only this one,” Jackson Lee said on the House floor this afternoon.

“Read between the lines.”

“What is different about this president that should put him in a position that he should not receive the same kind of respectful treatment of when it is necessary to raise the debt limit in order to pay our bills, something required by both statute and the 14th amendment?”

In related news, the following clip is a video flashback that took place not long after Barack Obama took office, a mere two and a half years ago. In this clip, Barack Obama informs us that he will be a “one-term president” if he and his economically illiterate administration haven’t turned the economy around in three years. Of course, being a neo-Marxist Keynesian himself, what he didn’t realize then, and ostensibly still does not know now, is that you can never spend your way out of a recession or depression — Say’s Law forbid it — that Keynesian economics are one of the great frauds perpetrated onto humankind; that those same economics policies he and his clownish administration have pursued will destroy America; and that real wealth can only come from production, which freedom facilitates. Watch:

No pressure, but only six months to go. Can you do it, Barack? Can you engineer an entire complex economy through massive government intervention and bureaucratic control?


  • Catch Her in the Wry

    July 16, 2011

    When ignorant people are oblivious to facts and reason, they become bullies and call their opposition names. Or they become big babies, throw temper tantrums, and stomp out of rooms. Either way, it’s a futile last ditch effort and simply makes them look silly.

    By the way, I finally bought your book and just started reading it on my Kindle. Another $ comes into the Ray Harvey coffers. :)

  • Ray

    July 16, 2011

    Hi Catch Her in the Wry!

    Great comment. And thank you so much for buying my book. I hope you like it. It gets a pretty dark about three-quarters of the way through, but please stay with it: that darkness is not gratuitous. By which I mean, it has a point — in order to present the good, you have to show the bad — and the darkness is ultimately replaced by light.

    Thank you for dropping by.

  • Maura

    July 16, 2011

    Using the race card, or any inadequacies in order to bring sway towards your argument, is a weak and totally untrue move since rather than proving your side of the argument, you have manipulated the situation. I guess that manipulation is what can be called ‘politics’… My faith in the process is speedily hitting the floor… rather than the ceiling which the country’s debt has shot out of… Can’t we all go on welfare or collect unemployment though?! I don’t think the creditors would extend the ceiling of debt for just anyone, so I hope Obama can provide a convincing argument to lend out more money to a country (debtor) that income cannot sustain the credit line – or even minimum payments at this point.. I’m just sayin’!

    On a lighter note, Mr. Harvey’s novel is extraordinary. I hope you truly enjoy the twists and turns. It’s quite a window into the author’s mind as well as masterful for the accelerated reader/philosopher. Enjoy!

  • Dale

    July 17, 2011

    Democrats have used this kind of divisive rhetoric for as long as I can remember.
    As Coulter points out, mob tactics, and they work.
    This is just another brazen example.
    I never went for that kind of crap; became a producer and taxpayer instead.

    Favorite scenes: early visions of the girl, the dream, through the fire.
    When will there be another….?

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