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District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg and Her DUI

I made the following video in honor of District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberhg, who’s suing Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry was recently indicted on two charges both of which are related to District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg and her allegation that Perry attempted to force her resignation after she was arrested for drunk driving. The grand jury…

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Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee Plays The Race Card In Debt Ceiling Fight

Evidently, representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) wasn’t too busy answering her cell phone during Town Halls this past Friday, but instead had the time (and the nerve) to play the race card yet again, strongly suggesting that race-obsessed Barack (“My-Grandmother-Is-A-Typical-White-Person”) Obama’s skin color is what’s actually to blame in this meaningless debt-ceiling fight: From Real…

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Huge New Oilfields Discovered In Texas

Peak oil (so-called) is, as we’ve discussed here before, a fairytale of gigantic proportions, and this latest Texas oilfield discovery illustrates precisely why: We begin to know about a resource only when we begin to use the resource. Knowing about that resource includes a cursory calculation of its quantity. The more we use of it,…

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