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Reading is a dying art.

And yet even as it dies, even as more and more people stop reading in favor of scanning, skimming, reblogging, LIKING, and so forth, it’s never been more important to become a real reader — if, that is, you want to live the life you’ve always imagined for yourself.

Reading promotes thought.

It is for this reason one of the key secrets of the stratospherically smart and successful — meaning:

All smart and successful people, almost without exception, are prodigious readers.

The internet, for all its mind-spinning benefits and advantages, has one significant disadvantage:

It’s threatened to turn each and every one of us into scanners, meme-hunters, and startling-photograph-miners — at the expense of real reading. We take in a great deal — more than ever before in world history — but we skim most of that which we take in.

The ancient Greeks had a word for people who read a lot but who do not read well: sophomores.

In this sense — the literal sense — the world is almost certainly more sophomoric than it’s ever been before, simply because of the sheer magnitude of data we have at our fingertips.

Two Things that can Instantly Speed Up Your Reading

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