Five Blood Boiling Facts About Taxes You Did Not Know

But first from the “How-Unbelievably-Stupid-Is-Harry-Reid?” files:

Now, then:

5. Among the bureaucrats who want to raise your taxes, only 5 percent think their own taxes are too low.

This poll conducted by Gallup shows that “57 percent of Republicans responded that their own taxes were too high. Fifty-eight percent of Independents agreed, while only 37 percent of Democrats said the amount they paid in taxes was too high. Shockingly, given the Democratic Party’s steadfast belief that tax rates should always be higher, only 5 percent of Democrats felt that their own taxes were too low.”

There’s nothing I like more than being lectured about “income equality” by a wealthy bureaucrat, whose income you and I help pay, who, in turn, does not himself want to pay more in taxes.

4. Here’s a breakdown of where each of your taxed dollar goes:

  • Social Security, Unemployment and Labor – 33.24 cents
  • Medicare and Health – 24.54 cents
  • Military – 17.1 cents
  • Interest on Debt – 6 cents
  • Transportation – 4.1 cents
  • Veterans Benefits – 3.7 cents
  • Food and Agriculture – 3.5 cents
  • Education – 1.8 cents
  • Government – 1.8 cents
  • Housing and Community – 1.5 cents
  • International Affairs – .9 cents
  • Energy and Environment – .9 cents
  • Science – .9 cents

3. About half of the cost of paying for Obamacare comes from new taxes.

2. The money that’s being forcibly taken from you isn’t even close to enough: Taxes are $2.3 trillion. Government spending is $3.6 trillion.

“You’re only seeing about two-thirds of the full cost of government services. Really. The rest is being put on the national credit card.

“The tax bill is a lie every year. We’ve only paid our bills in full on April 15 five times in the last fifty years. The last president to balance the books every year he was in office? Calvin Coolidge — back in the 1920s. How pathetic is that?

“Deficits are just future taxes. According to the non-partisan Tax Foundation, ‘Tax Freedom Day’ falls on April 17 this year — but ‘Deficit Day,’ which includes the full bill, won’t come for another month.

“Taxes — to steal from Albert Einstein — should be as low as possible, but no lower. Stop lying to me” (source).

1. The politicians and bureaucrats whose paychecks you finance through your labor — well, over 300,000 of them are tax cheaters.

From Senator Tom Coburn’s investigation:

In 2011, the IRS found nearly 312,000 federal employees and retirees were delinquent on their federal income taxes, owing a total of $3.5 billion in unpaid federal income taxes. This represented an 11.5 percent increase in the number of federal employees failing to pay their taxes, and a 2.9 percent increase in the total taxes owed the Treasury by these public servants.

Happy Tax Day.

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