Tell It Like It Is, Brother

Hero of the month: Tyree Landrum, a working stiff who quite nicely captures the utter stupidity of Ferguson rioters in San Diego:

Thank you, sir. I bless you, wish you life.


  • Scott

    December 3, 2014

    Saw this the other day, Ray, and loved it. The health worker in scrubs, Tyree, and others … just trying to go to work. The ‘open letter’ to Tyree submitted by M. Muriel, the protester with the bullhorn, is pathetic. The “*only* way,” Sir? Quite the PhD student.

    Tyree’s kids happen to be currently looking at a $15K (and counting) windfall in the form of a “Christmas” charity ( someone set up for them – the goal was $2K. Meanwhile, M. Muriel’s (someone else actually set up YouCaring for this guy … for his post-graduate education, which doesn’t appear to be working) is currently at $70.

    Granted, Mr. Brown and his friend were jaywalking in the middle of the street at noon rather than driving in a car, but too bad he didn’t heed any of this dated information: com/watch?v=uj0mtxXEGE8

    Mouthing off to a cop is usually a very bad idea, especially if you are just a kid.
    Many cops tend to not let that shit go from a kid as they just as soon not have to deal with the same attitude as that person gets older.

    All Mr. Brown and friend had to do was get the fuck off the street and onto the sidewalk, and perhaps switch the box of stolen cigars to his weak side.

    When two Baby Huey’s go at it … it can be a contest of the dickless*, but put your money on the one with the gun and badge.

    Fighting a cop? According to the officer, going for his gun? And then not surrendering at gun point by going to the ground as told? Instead, turn to face and (possibly) advance. Well, there you go. Bang, bang. You’re dead. Police are allowed by law to use deadly force, people.

    Get the fuck off I-5. No one arrested. Why? The protesters were peaceful and immediately complied with patrol requests. According to CHP representative (on whether or not people get arrested), “it depends on how people react to us.” Hear that, Mr. Brown? Oh, yeah … you’re dead because of how you reacted.


  • Ray

    December 3, 2014

    And then there’s this, from the Grand Jury documents:

    Another man, describing himself as a friend of Brown’s, told a federal investigator that he heard the first gunshot, looked out his window and saw an officer with a gun drawn and Brown “on his knees with his hands in the air.” He added: “I seen him shoot him in the head.” But when later pressed by the investigator, the friend said he had not seen the actual shooting because he was walking down the stairs at the time and instead had heard details from someone in the apartment complex. “What you are saying you saw isn’t forensically possible based on the evidence,” the investigator told the friend. Shortly after that, the friend asked if he could leave. “I ain’t feeling comfortable,” he said.

    And this:

    These grand jury documents are a catalog of how the case against Darren Wilson totally fell apart. The forensic reports show Michael Brown’s blood inside Wilson’s car, and the autopsy shows that Brown received all of his wounds in the front—both of which are consistent with Darren Wilson’s version of the story, in which Brown was the aggressor. This doesn’t mean that every little detail of Wilson’s testimony is correct, simply that his overall story is not contradicted by the objective, physical evidence. So what remained of the case against him? All that there ever really was from the beginning: incendiary eyewitness accounts of Wilson shooting Brown in cold blood while Brown had his hands up, attempting to surrender. It is these eyewitness accounts that turned out to be a giant pile of lies.

  • Scott

    December 11, 2014

    Tell it like it is, Sister! Love the ending.

  • Ray

    December 12, 2014

    Oh, I liked that!

    Thank you.

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